Are you a Keynote Speaker. Life / Business / Performance / Wellness Coach, Artist, PT or anyone wanting to help more people & earn more money but don’t want to work more than you already are? The solution is creating passive ONLINE income.

Our training will show you how to

– Shift any fear and self-doubt that holds you back in life
– Become more productive and focused
– Create an aligned brand that represents you and makes you feel passionate about sharing your gifts
– Determine which clients you should be working with and how to appeal to them
– Decide on what products and services will best suit your passion, skillset and long term growth
– Build your client base/following and create your own community
– Attract leads and convert them into paying repeat customers through your lucrative onboarding journey
– Create passive income so you can reduce your time spend working “in” your business
– Save time and energy by automating most of your processes allowing you to focus only on your genious zone and what drives you
– Scale your business so you can reduce your working hours and delegate operations to your term

It’s time to put you on the map so that you can become a household name, have the ability to help others globally to improve ther lives, whilst living your best life from anywhere in the world!

Course Collection

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These courses will allow you to

– Stop working for someone else and become your own boss full time
– Get paid while you travel the world and have the financial and time freedom to work from anywhere
– Improve people’s lives and make a global impact while living your dream life

Mind 4 Growth Business will teach you how to improve your mindset, create a business plan and implement the right administrative and marketing processes to sell your services online and change the world.






  • 1 LEARN

    Creating success requires expertise in a range of skills. We offer you extensive training through mixed mediums so that you can feel confident in every aspect of your business. Each course is like an interactive textbook featuring information, videos and quizzes to optimise your learning. Our material is continually updated using only researched and proven methods for achieving success. We give expert advice and recommendations with a variety of resources to be applied to your industry / personal needs.

  • 2 CREATE

    As you work your way through the material you will be guided with prompting questions to help you look within as well as your future goals and desires to ensure you get the best outcomes. This allows you to start the creative process whilst you receive guided support to avoid any delays in the implementation stage. You will learn how to do every aspect yourself and can then decide what you want to do yourself and what you want to outsource (if anything).


    You will receive information on the best programs, products, and services to use and implement (most free) so that you can actually set things up whilst completing your course. Training videos are included with guidance on setting up recommended software. Courses are designed to be self-paced so you can fast track your success.

  • 4 GROW

    Mind 4 Growth Business training modules are intensive and designed to help you to really dive deep into the who’s what’s when’s why’s and how’s. Each course can be done independant but best results are achieved when done in order. It’s as simple as that - only pay for what you need help with and do the training in stages as needed.



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Which course do I start with?

We have five tailored course to cover key business foundations.  Each course can be done independent but best results are achieved when done in order and the core courses are numbered to make the order super obvious!

Step 1 – Mindset

Step 2 – Business Vision

Step 3 – Clients and Sales

Step 4 – Admin and Financial

Step 5 – Branding and Marketing

Am I guarenteed results?

If you are willing to put in the WORK (not just skim through the material and hope things will magicaly change) then you WILL see results. Choose your course from the options based on what you don’t know about, what you struggle with the most, and what you need to improve on.

Can I start straight away?

Yep!  You can get started in just minutes! If the course you have decided on is available you can buy direct from the courses page and receive immediate access to the training.

How long do I have access to the course before I lose access?

Each course will vary however and will tell you in the course overview the duration you have to access the material.  When the time expires you can repurchase the course again at a later date and choose to start from scratch or keep your progess so you do not have to start again.

I have a busy life, how much time per week do I need to dedicate to get through the course material?

Course completion has never been easier with the ability of studying at your own pace. Depending on your comitments you can focus entirely on the course and get it all done in one week if you want, or stretch it out for the full course duration if you have a lot of things on your plate. The access duration set is an estimate of how long it usually takes people to complete it when allocating 2 full days per week to the course.

These courses are intensive however as they are designed to support you set up / level up your business.  So whilst there are step by step guides in all courses, you will still need to make you allocate time in your schedule to be able to complete the tasks so you can get the most out of the training.

Is this suitable for people who aren't tech savvy?

Yes, and here is why.  We don’t believe in throwing you in the deep end, teaching you one thing and expecting you to go and figure out the rest alone. Mind 4 Growth Business is focused on helping you learn and understand the reasons WHY things need to be done before you start to do them. Therefore it is important that when you start a course you have dedicated time to actually do it properly.

How is Mind 4 Growth Business training different to other online learning?

Unlike most non-accredited courses out there,  Mind 4 Growth Business training is full on in the best way! We provide loads of information to make sure you are properly educated in all areas which includes step by step guides.  Links and optional quizzes are provided to give you additional information and to help keep you motivated / stay on track. After all, we want you to do more than just succeed!  We want you to feel empowered and thrive!


Why Choose Mind 4 Growth Business?

With a special design, great range of features and functionalities built around an ecosystem of eLearning and online resources for continual growth, Mind 4 Growth Business will give you more than motivation but practical steps to success.

You can access your courses anywhere, anytime and keep motivated with optional quizzes to test your knowledge.

Do you have a payment plan option so I can start now and pay later?

Mind 4 Growth isn’t about making millions, it’s about helping millions. Our focus is providing affordable courses with excellent content in an easy to use platform. So you can focus on learning and acquiring the skills you need to create your own success.

Because of the course strucute where you can access all the content immediately, we are unable to offer payment plans however the core courses are very affordable and if you have low dispoisable income we suggest doing one course at a time.  For those who have more to invest we recommend choosing a membership which gives you access to bulk courses for less.

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Our proven formula to unlimited success

To achieve online success, you need to learn what to do and when to do it. Too many jump head first in without proper knowledge, start trying to sell with no processes and target the wrong people. The result? You FAIL. Time and time again until you step back and learn how to set up each step in your business properly before you try and jump ahead.

Think of it this way. You couldn’t run before you first learned how to walk, and the same applies in online business.

You can’t expect to sell something online if you don’t have a system in place. You can’t expect to leverage your time and create passive income if you don’t create automation and lead generation. You can’t expect someone to buy from you if you don’t have basic branding to build awareness and trust in your business.

It is up to you whether you do things alone and learn the hard (and often wrong) way, or if you invest in yourself, undertake quality training and better your skills so that you can make better choices in business, cut costs, be more productive, gain more clients, help more people, achieve more income and have more time to do the things you love.

Join hundreds of coaches, personal trainers, online businesses, small local businesses, solo/entrepreneurs and new business starters in making a difference every single day.


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