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Are you a coach wanting to give your clients trusted business administration advice and suggestions to help them succeed in all aspects during or after your program with them?

Or do you simply know people who could benefit from doing the courses we offer?

Join the Mind 4 Growth Affiliate Program and partner with one of the most informative and experienced training facilitators in Australia.

We understand that we can only reach so many people, so with your help we want to branch out to more industries, more communities and serve more people.

Whether your audience/target market is personal trainers/healers, wellness/life coaches, or a variety of product/service based small business owners – we have courses to help everyone


Get started fast and simple by just filling out the below form and liking the Mind 4 Growth Business Facebook page (facebook.com/mind4growth.business). It’s as simple as that - no hidden costs or clauses. There are no contracts so you can feel comfortable knowing that you can be an affiliate for as long or as little as you like. Once we will receive your registration we will be in touch just to say hello, answer any questions you might have about the process and provide you with some helpful resources


Share Mind 4 Growth courses across your networks (website, social media, events, word of mouth) and tag Mind 4 Growth Business each time. How? The easiest way is to just use the share links inbuilt in our site to promote our courses. If you are choosing to be an Affiliate it is because you trust what we do and you believe others will benefit too so we suggest including a brief message before posting to make it more personal. The other option is to add a web banner (provided by us) to your website &/or landing pages that direct people to our site.


If and when one of your clients, friends, family members or colleagues shows an interest in Mind 4 Growth Business training let us know. They can either get in touch with us directly and mention your name or, simply provide their contact info and we will give them a call. There is absolutely no obligation to enrol in a Course or Program. Initially, we suggest a FREE 30-minute consult so the Instructor can find out more about their situation and establish their best next steps.

Get Rewarded

For every person that books a free 30m consult with us a result of your affiliation, you will receive 10 credit points towards a course. 100 credits and you can pick any course for FREE. For every person that purchases a standalone Course, you will get paid $100! For every person that signs up to the "Five Steps to Business Success" Program, you will get paid $500! That's right. Receive cold hard cash as a thank you for spreading the Mind 4 Growth love.

Get Paid

Once Mind 4 Growth Business has received full payment for the enrolled Course affiliated with you, we will transfer your $$ via bank transfer. Please allow up to 7 days. That's right. You receive cold hard cash as a thank you for spreading the Mind 4 Growth love. A financial reward to you that is nearly a third of the cost of the program. Are we crazy?? No. Not loco, just super appreciative of helping people helping to grow and prosper and we want to set a good example that money is good, but helping people is gold.


Receive cold hard cash as a thank you for spreading the Mind 4 Growth love

For every person you connect with us you will receive credit points (to put towards training) and for every person who enrols in a Mind 4 Growth Business course you will earn actual money.

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